d’n’b rough connections libray ( 25 % off until september 25th )

RC Sale 2With the Rough Connections packs you get an inexhaustible collection of pioneering drum n bass sounds and samples which are in the hands of many top drum n bass producers worldwide with releases on labels like Virus, Metalheadz, Vision, Position Chrome, Subtitles, RUN DNB, Blackout Music NL, Playaz, Renegade Hardware, RAM, C4C, Shogun Audio, Dispatch, Owsla and many more.

If you put much value on different samples / textures which allow you to sculp frequently new heavy sounds and breaks for your productions, then get, like some insiders say, the most usefull Drum’n’Bass sample library on the market now.

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BHK Samples PD20-200Premium Drumz were upgraded ! Expect some new samples and kits for BATTERY, KONTAKT, EXS24, NN-XT, Ableton Drum Rack, Halion and sfz formats. We have filled the clean kicks folder with 70 new dusty textured kicks, in case you need it dusty, but clean. All hihats, cymbal and percussions samples were revised and now shining in a new light.

Furthermore you get now a total of 112 drum midi files with this pack for drum’n’bass, dubstep, glitch hop, hip hop, fills, percussions and shuffles. To get your free user upgrade please send your request with your registration / order email to support[at]bhksamples.com and we will provide a free download code. Or just place a new order for this pack on pending (abort payment), we will check your order/license and send a new order complete mail with the download link.

Update available / Neuro Funk Breaks

NFB Update_200We have a free update for Neuro Funk Breaks sample pack users. From now on, all drumloops are available also as chopped versions with the corresponding midi file for the samplers KONTAKT, NN-XT, EXS, HALION, SFZ and Live Drum Rack. Simply load the patch, use the corresponding midi file and you can play them at any tempo, change the pitch, layer and create variations easily.

To get your update please send a request to support@bhksamples.com

Latest Release / Proton

BHK-ProtonHere we go again, with proton we present a new stunning collection of high quality drum’n’bass sounds. This library is loaded with an unique arsenal of fresh samples and drum loops that will ensure open mouths. The production time totaled almost a year and we experimented a lot and dug deep into the  bag of tricks to create this library. In this pack you will find many  brand new loops, consisting of various up to date breakbeats, percussion loops, shuffle loops, shaker loops and filling tom loops…

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Summer Sale 2014

BHK Summer Sale ++We are running a Summer Sale, all BHK Sample packs 25 % Off. Save more by using the viral share at cart. The deal ends August 3th.

Enjoy the summer !


New LEDM DnB update now available

LEDM-200With this update ( Total 336 each format ) you get now all samples of this pack as instantly playable sampler patches and drum kits for KONTAKT , BATTERY, HALion, EXS 24, NN-XT, SFZ, Ableton LIVE Sampler & Drum Rack. All breakbeats of this pack are also now included as chopped kits together with their corresponding midi file to allow you  to adapt to any tempo and to rearrange the breakbeats easily on the fly.

This update is free for owners of the L.E.D.M. sample pack. If you have still the email with the download link and don’t used all attempts, then just download once again.  If not, then simply send us an email to support (at) bhksamples.com to get a new download link.

Latest Release NCamargo Drum’n’Bass

Ncamargo D'n'B 200Hailing from the underground of Brazil, this unique sample collection provides you sounds and samples which are perfectly suited for the next summer hit and at the same time for any harder drum n bass production. In total, you get more than 450 samples, consisting of a variety of different modern breakbeats, super heavy bass lines, numerous ripping reese & bass samples, crisp drums, driving percussion loops, fx sounds, various synth samples and rich sounding music loops.

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Genealogy free download

GENE 600Genealogy is our new free download sample pack series are made ​​from processed & resampled samples of available BHK sample packs. Each sample pack of this series will be available only for a certain time,and as soon as a new one is up, the previous will no longer be available.

Each pack will have up to 15 new samples, so don’t miss the goodies, stay tuned by subscribtion and let’s start with No.1

NFG Contest Winners

And the NFG contest winners are:


5. weberejacs – textural anomaly  
4. Akrom – Egotopia
3. Khronus – Sound Burglar
2. Killer Industries – The Great Don Burke
1. Steelan – Plethora


Congrats, we hope you will have a lot fun with your new BHK sample packs.

For all who haven’t won we have a 50 % off code on the BHK Samples catalog. A mail with the code will be send within the next week.

Big ups to all participants and thanks for joining this contest.

New in the shop ” Origins Breaks & Drums

Origins_200With this fresh new library we capture the drum breaks that reflect the sound of the nineties Drum&Bass scene. From electronic and industrial tech style drums, to vintage sounding breakbeats. With this pack all the ingredients are there to produce killer 90′s style breaks !

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