Parallel Filtering Demo

Sketching Drums & Breakbeats with FL Studio

Tutorial 13 DnB Rough Connections Vol.1 Breakbeat Recycling Tutorial

A tutorial showing an easy way to process / alienate any breakbeat sample of the Drum’n’Bass Rough Connections library for your own good.

Tutorial 12 Neuro Funk Bass Effect ( NI KONTAKT 5 )

Tutorial 11 / creating new snares

This tutorial shows a basic layering technique using just volume, pitch, sample start and length / Envelope ADSR to glue snare layers.


D’n’B Arrangement Template

BHK Samples_Arrangement Guide



Drum Level Mix

Some tips and visuals which will help to get / learn a good sounding drum mix. Let’s start with part one. Enjoy !


Tutorial 10 Altering and widening a bass sample

In this tutorial we show you another way how you can treat the bass oneshots of BHK sample and patch packs to create  new bass sounds for your productions and by the way how to widen the bass sound.

Tutorial 9 Sample Start

In this tutorial we show you how you can use the modulated bass recordings ( Tutorials 4, 7 & 8  ) furthermore to create basslines in midi. For this, you have to export your recording first and load it into a sampler so that you can play over the whole keyrange.