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    We are proud to present our first Native Instruments Kontakt instrument. This instrument, developed by sonidiom, enables you to access and work with the BHK Premium Drumz library in a fully functional drum machine.

    This instrument features two views – the mixer view which allows you to browse through the drums, to adjust the volume, to tune and for panning as well as sending them to dedicated outputs – and the edit view in which you can apply sample start, envelope and a three band EQ to each drum sound.

    For the ease of use we loosely based our mapping on the General Midi drum mapping, so that you can mix & match your drum kits and your drum rhythms very easily and also in order to give you the possibility to use third-party GM Midi-files.

    Every control of the instrument, every knob, button or selection menu, is automatable. That means you can either use host or midi automation to control it. So, if you happen to have a midi-controller with enough knobs and buttons you’d be able to control the entire instrument via your controller.

    Another great feature is the randomizer function to easily generate anytime new drum kits or just parts of a drum kit, every other parameter will remain as you’ve set it up.

    Our beta testers have fallen in love with this, and we are sure you will too. Easy to use and loaded with top notch drum sounds. This drum machine is on fire !


    Genre: Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Techno, House & Hip Hop


    293 x Kicks

    302 x Snares

    136 x Hihats

    32 x Ghostsnares

    33 x Shuffles

    20 x Crash Cymbals

    24 x Ride Cymbals

    66 x Claps

    80 x Percussions

    24 x Toms


    – Fast & easy workflow
    – Browse through all the samples via the interface
    – Comprehensive mixer page
    – Detailed edit page for single sounds
    – Extensive midi capabilities – remote control the entire instrument
    – Create new kits on the fly via the inspiring drum randomizer
    – GM-like drum mapping – ideal for reusing standard midi-files

    – Ableton Live 8 Rack ( bus/mastering effect chains )

    Formats: WAV / KONTAKT 5

    Tech Specs: 24 Bit / 44.1 Khz