Latest Release SCIFX

BHK Samples_Sci Fi_650Some time has passed since we last released an sound effects library FX. This time we took our inspiration from the past and the future of sci fi movie sound design to deliver a devastating collection of brand new produced samples and selected SFX samples of the ARAM and PROTON sample library.

From sinister drones, mysterious soundscapes , wicked Impacts, extraterrestrial machine sounds, lush pads, exceptional SFX sounds to otherworldly ambiences and organic synth SFX. Every folder in this library contains a rich inspiring selection of various samples that will take you on a journey to unimagined worlds.

New update for Premium Drumz is now available !

PREMIUM DRUMZ Here we go again, the new update for premium drumz is now available. Expect over 170 new combinator/redrum drum kits for Drum’n’Bass, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Breakbeats, House and Trap for Propellerheads Reason.

Each drum kit comes with well mixed drumloop which can be easily fit into a mix and also processed further to taste. We have also build in for each kit a feature using the MATRIX sequencer curves to adjust the pitch of each kit globally. All kits are compatible from Propellerheads Reason 4 and up.

You don’t have propellerheads reason ? No worry if you want to get your hands on ! All the drum kits and drum patterns are working as well with the demo of Propellerheads Reason,

But that’s not all, furthermore we have filled the pack with processed, dry and mono versions of the original drum samples + additional 40 clean claps and 30 subbass drums. So you can choose when loading a kit wether you want to work with the original, effected, dry or mono versions of the drums. More Info in the text file included in the pack.