BHK_Thor CombinatorThis jam packed sound set is geared up for electro heads looking to pick up the pace in their music productions.

Our latest mammoth sound set contains all the fierce bass power to cross into any modern music style such as Electro, Dubstep, and Complextro.

Also included are two combinators called Filter Groove and Filter T-Box where you can select Lfo Wave forms and Lfo rates with precision, the Combinators also have step sequencer patterns for sequencing LFO Wave forms, LFO Wave form direction, LFO Rates, pitch and Filter frequency.

These two Combinators also include integrated side chain compressor for you to freak out your riff with ease.

If you are looking to add awe inspiring signature sounds to deliver a hi charged response from your music parts – Propellerheads Thor is gonna swing thru your track with no mercy.

This outstanding pack excels in Tech House, Techno and Drum’n’Bass music so whatever style your into rocking this essential Thor / Combinator pack will be there ready for sonic action.