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Our long awaited Harmor preset pack is finally there and loaded just with the finest drum and bass sounds for your productions. All presets in this pack have been exclusively synthesized with Harmors additive and subtractive synthesis. So you can be sure, what you get with this collection is the pure force of the Harmor synth.

With this pack you get a total of 64 professionally crafted drum’n’bass sounds with a wide range of essential harmonics. From tearing reese basses, growling lows, crunchy mids and futuristic basses, it’s all in.

This collection of various bass sounds is perfect to sculpt an array of heavy basslines for any genre or related genre of drum and bass music.

Get your hands on this stunning quality collection of true and hard hitting sounds for Image line’s Harmor VST Synth.


Genre: Neurofunk, Hardstep, Techstep, Jump up, Darkstep, Breakbeat, Breakcore, Dubstep, Electronica

Contains: 64 x Bass Presets

Format: Image Line Harmor Synth VST