About BHK Samples

BHK Samples, founded in 2006, is a legendary sample company specializing in professional sample libraries for music productions of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Bass music. BHK Samples brand stands for quality, diversity and originality, which you can be sure to get in each Sample Pack. BHK Samples’ very first Sample pack D’n’B Rough Connections Vol.1 was released in 2006 and was from the beginning a success.

The following Rough Connections volumes have provided a fresh supply of originality, over and over again with inspiring samples and sounds that found their way even into pioneering drum n bass and dubstep music productions. At this time the Rough Connections Volumes caused a storm of inspiration among professional Drum’n’Bass producers worldwide and also opened the door for a lot of newcomers who wanted to produce tunes with a true drum n bass sound.

With BHK’s sound files at your finger tips, you can spice up your tunes, or go deeper into each pack using the samples also as resampling, layering and recycling source to create your own Drums, Bass-lines or wicked FX sounds for your productions or remixes. If you’re looking for the secret sauce of top producers across loads of Drum n Bass genres, then you can be sure, with BHK Samples you will find the right ingredients to sculpt your next heavy hitter.

Clients include artists worldwide with releases on Metalheadz, RAM records, Virus Recordings, Vision Recordings, Souped Up, Warp Records, OWSLA, Hospital, Subtitles, V Recordings, Dread Recordings, Eatbrain Records, Disciple Recordings and many more.