About BHK Samples

Founded in 2006, BHK Samples has established itself as a legendary name in the world of sample libraries, specializing in crafting professional-grade collections tailored for Drum and Bass, Jungle, and Bass music productions. Renowned for its commitment to quality, diversity, and originality, each Sample Pack from BHK Samples guarantees a premium experience.

The inaugural Sample pack, D’n’B Rough Connections Vol.1, released in 2006, set the stage for the brand’s success story from day one. Subsequent volumes of Rough Connections continued to captivate artists with their fresh supply of original samples, often making their mark in pioneering drum and bass and dubstep productions. These volumes sparked a wave of inspiration among professional Drum’n’Bass producers worldwide while also welcoming newcomers eager to craft tunes infused with authentic drum and bass vibes.

With BHK’s extensive library of sound files at your disposal, you have the power to elevate your compositions. Whether you’re seeking to add spice to your tracks or delve deeper into each pack’s offerings for resampling, layering, or recycling purposes, BHK Samples provides the essential building blocks to create your own signature drums, basslines, or captivating FX sounds for productions or remixes. If you’re in search of the secret sauce used by top producers across various Drum n Bass genres, rest assured that BHK Samples offers the precise ingredients needed to craft your next heavyweight hit.

BHK Samples boasts a client roster featuring artists with releases on esteemed labels such as Metalheadz, RAM Records, Virus Recordings, Vision Recordings, Souped Up, Warp Records, OWSLA, Hospital, Subtitles, V Recordings, Dread Recordings, Eatbrain Records, Disciple Recordings, and many more.