£ 39,95


This sample pack features the latest generation of drum samples, specially designed to create that state-of-the-art drum sound needed for contemporary jungle, drum and bass, and half-time styles.

With over 500 brand-new, hand-crafted samples, including punchy and clean bass drums, vintage kicks with a dusty sound, crisp snares (OG, Piccolo & Percussive), foley percussions, shaker, hihat and cymbal hits, this collection is designed to work seamlessly together.

We’ve placed a strong focus on spatial consistency, allowing you to mix and match individual samples with ease, creating tighter and more cohesive drum kits for your cutting-edge productions.

Say goodbye to your folder full of over-compressed and brickwalled drum samples that lack consistency, making mixing a nightmare. This collection makes processing easier, and your mixes will sit together perfectly.



14 Bass Drums
88 Kick drums
211 Snares
82 Cymbals
91 Hi Hats
32 Crash Cymbals
38 Percussions
10 Shakers

33 Drum Kits
59 Midi Files

Format: WAV

Sampler Formats: BATTERY, KONTAKT, EXS,  LIVE Drum Rack, HALion, NN-XT, TAL Sampler & SFZ

Tech Specs: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Total: 335 mb