£ 24,95


We’re excited to announce our latest release for Xfer’s powerful synth, Serum. This collection of up-to-date Drum and Bass sounds has been professionally crafted for instant filth and is packed with everything you need to create hard-hitting tracks.

With a wide range of textures, including reese bass, modulated neuro bass, spicing FX, evolving pads, tech stabs, jump-up basses, and tearing synth sounds, this library contains 256 state-of-the-art presets designed to get your bass bins pounding.

Whether you’re into Neurofunk, Techstep, Rollers, Jump Up, Dubstep, Glitch, or any other subgenre of Drum and Bass, the CYBER X sound set is sure to blow your mind with its filthy sounds.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring collection of Drum and Bass presets for Xfer’s Serum Synth. Get your hands on CYBER X now and take your productions to the next level!



21 Classic Reese Bass
42 Bass Modulations
32 Nasty Synths
52 Reese Bass Textures
43 FX Sounds
16 Pads
17 Tech Stab
39 Tech Synth
03 Sub Bass

Format: xfer SERUM VST