BHK Samples presents DREIFALT, a three-part modulation Kontakt sampler with looped waveform synthesis. You’ve never heard anything as filthy as this.

Each of the three parts has a sample browser with 64 selectable waveforms, 39 selectable filter types, a filter LFO, pre- or post-filter saturation, plus a mono-to-stereo widener, pan and sample start. DREIFALT features global AHDSR envelope controls for amplitude, filter, pitch and a filter types morph function, through up to three filter types or waveform parts + filter types.

All parameters of the DREIFALT emulator can be automated and controlled via MIDI knobs, faders and buttons.

An expanded DREIFALT 3D version comes with over 600 hand-crafted presets from BHK Samples, based on over 850 included waveforms from the BHK archives, including analog and digital synth waveforms, noise waveforms, and Reese bass waveforms.

In addition, we include 15 init sets to create presets from scratch and five blank mapping sets to equip DREIFALT with your own samples or from external WAV/AIFF libraries. You’re given a wide variety and full control over modulations and effects to tweak the presets into whatever sound you desire.

From fierce Drum’n’Bass & Jungle Sounds, Oldschool or New school, 90’s style dance sounds, shiny EDM synths, lush pads, gleaming retro synths to captivating effects like engine noises, sweeping whooshes, risers, drones, dark ambiences and music FX, here you will find an instrument that serves you with everything you need for full productions with a professional sound.

With DREIFALT/DREIFALT 3D you get your hands on a modern sampler/emulator, that is easy to handle and quickly leads to breathtaking results that inspire.


Contains: 742 x Presets & 895 x Waveforms (Analog & Digital )

Format: Native Instruments Kontakt 5 VST / Kontakt Free Player not supported!

Total: 760 mb